'On This Day' Images are Up!


My last ever semester is coming to an end, but that isn't an end to my big project on mass-shooting sites! If you haven't been able to see the images in person, I just uploaded some of the ones I have photographed so far! Just go over to my projects and find On This Day! It may not seem like that many right now, but I still have over 50 sites to photograph! Hopefully, no more are added to my list anytime soon. The list seems to forever be growing, but I hope this project sparks some sort of change in how we view these mass-shootings and how we react to trying to stop them. If only another mass-shooting happening wasn't the only time we talked about these consequences and what needed to be changed. If we change things now, we can prevent more innocent lives from being taken!

Enjoy the photos and thanks for the support! :)