On all of my bus rides and walking around the city, I've noticed the diversity in the way people around me look (clothing, makeup, etc.). I also caught myself naturally making my own assumptions about the lives of these people that I don’t even know. It seems to be in the basic human nature to make assumptions or place judgements upon people just based on how they look. This is particularly true of people that stand out in society, or those that could be considered “unique”. In this series, I look at those that stand out in society and what kind of assumptions are made about them based on their appearance.

The first person chose the next person, that person chose the next person, and so on. The goal with this chain of people-choosing was to get as long of a chain as possible in the time allotted (4 hours) in order to see patterns form and this human nature come to light. After people chose their person, they were to write down an answer to the prompt:

“Please write why the person you chose stood out to you and include assumptions you formed about their personality, hobbies, school major, etc. just from looking at them (ex. likes country music, art student, partier, shops a lot, etc.).”

By comparing what people write about who they chose and why, the human nature of making assumptions based simply on appearance comes to light and one can begin to question their own judgement of the people around them.